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The California payday lending industry is highly regulated to ensure that consumers are treated fairly. USA Express Loans CA LLC is a California Deferred Deposit Transaction Lender (payday lender, cash advance lender, deferred deposit originator) with a license issued by the California Department of Business Oversight. Our company is organized with the California Secretary of State. We maintain a perfect track record with our state regulatory and have zero disciplinary actions on file.

Our company undergoes strict scrutiny in accordance with the California Financial Regulations, including an examination of our financial health, the history and creditworthiness of our company’s principal owners, and our ability to hold a large bond to insure against civil liability. Additionally, we are subject to frequent regulatory examination (no less than every two years) and must comply with the strict rules and regulations of the California Deferred Deposit Transaction Law, including a posting of our license, fees, rates, and other consumer advisories. Additionally, we must comply with a litany of federal regulations from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Internal Revenue Service, and the United States Treasury. Some of these specific laws include the Truth in Lending Act and Military Authorization Act.

To say that the payday lending industry is the “wild west” or “lacks regulation” would be a gross mischaracterization. The size and scope of regulation hanging over our industry is incredible. With that said, our industry has been hijacked by a small group of bad actors who have exploited customers and trap them in debt cycles. USA Express Loans CA LLC and a variety of other reputable, honest, and open California payday lenders want to make it very clear that we reject the practices of these payday scammers.

We realize that many borrowers have poor credit, or no credit, and simply do not qualify for a loan anywhere else.

We encourage prospective borrowers to research the reputation of a potential lender and make a choice for themselves in choosing any cash advance, payday loan, short term loan, fast cash, quick cash, express loans, speedy loans, or other similar products.

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