How It Works

How The Funding Process Works

1.) Fill out our quick loan form

Your information will be reviewed by a network of lenders who are required to be in full compliance with all applicable federal and state laws and regulations. If a lender is interested, you will be given a link to them. The details of the remaining steps in the funding process may vary from lender to lender.

2.) Sign your loan documents

After approval, the lender will send or present you with digital documents that you must sign before they can send funds to your bank account. All of these documents can be signed online.

3.) Get your cash

4.) Pay back your loan

Frequently Asked Questions

Your loan information will be verified instantly and marketed to a network of lenders who are required to follow all applicable state and federal laws. You will know at the end of the form if you have been given a link to a lender.
After you sign the digital documents the money is generally sent right away. Most banks will only take a day to process your funds and make them available to you. A few banks will take up to three business days.
Most lenders will allow you to pay early, but generally will not reduce the fees.
Generally, all of the money you were lent, in addition to the fee clearly specified in the loan agreements, are due on your next payday. Most lenders will automatically debit your account for that amount.
An unpaid loan balance can have a negative impact on your credit score. Your unpaid balance may also be sent to a collections agency who will attempt to collect the debt.

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